25th Anniversary Exhibition OPENS

Invitation Flyer to
After a very busy few weeks the exhibition "A Vision Shared" (click title for PDF info) has had its official opening at Hughes Gallery in Fullarton (Adelaide, Australia) today.
Thank you to all who came throughout the day and enjoyed the food, wine and wonderfully relaxed sunny day (and images of course!).
Further details and images will be posted in the next few days with the opportunity to view and purchase work exhibited from my "Personal Collection" online, in addition to the Gallery. If you can make it please call in - as clever as online galleries are they simply can't relate to personally enjoying images in the "real world", particularly to experience the richness and texture of the artpapers used. The best experience today has been to see people needing to take "another closer look" when realising there's "more to it" up close!
The exhibition marks my 25th Anniversary as a photographer (professionally) and can be viewed at

Hughes Gallery, Fullarton Park Centre - 411 Fullarton Rod, Fullarton, South Australia.
Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-4.30pm & Sat-Sun 2pm-5pm.

I will be there personally when time permits around my photography schedule. If you'd like to catch up please drop me a line by email and I'll let you know when I'm at the Gallery in person.