New offers being released

As the Christmas season approaches we remind everyone to please book your sessions as soon as possible to allow choices to be made and collections to be created in time.
As an incentive to book in earlier, a number of offers are being placed onto the website. Please look into the "current promotions" pages for more over the next couple of days. We will have some "instant grabs" on the promotions page in addition to great savings offered for those who spend a little "research time" on our website (see "Treasure Hunt").
To all our Treasure Hunters, thank you for the positive feedback and comments. The slideshows of sample images you find along the way have been converted to "flash" format as we found some compatibility issues for those on Mac's with the previous presentations on-line. Due to the inclusion of quality photographic images the slideshows are of reasonably large download size - broadband connections are best. Smaller and shorter versions are underway for those who find their download connections are slow. If you have any questions or problems please don't hesitate to contact us about it.
Now the Adelaide Christmas Pageant has been we KNOW it's getting close! Have fun with your children and enjoy their not so subtle hints leading up to their wish lists!