New Gallery, World Travel, Fresh Photography Offers

Welcome to all who are new and friends returning to the site. We've seen a very busy time recently never seeming to sit still for long... with the major move and seemingly continual development of the NEW GALLERY in UNLEY (more in a minute..). Interspersed through the past few months have been a wonderful workshop in Tasmania, with some of the best photographers in the country, the chance to develop some great new products for the studio, and an expedition to PERU, photographing in the AMAZON then up into the ANDES and the INCA site of MACHU PICCHU. (So not too quiet then!)
The Gallery is attracting quite a lot of wonderful comments (thank you!) and offers a space to come in and experience fresh, artistic images, get some help with designing ideas for new display pieces around the home, and a friendly smile with personal attention. With all photography created out and about on location, the gallery space is open when back from sessions and location appointments. While all are welcome whenever the "lights are on" and the door is open, simply call for an APPOINTMENT and we can make sure there's time to answer all questions and help design something special. There are NO studio backgrounds here! (In fact for over 25 years about 98% of my work has always been to create relaxed on-location images). Come past or better still drop me a line and arrange a time to see how natural style portraits might fit into your new-found wall space!

Here's the location again:
Shop 8 "Oxford Corner"
169 Unley Rd, Unley SA 5061
(Corner of Unley Rd & Oxford Tce,
next to "Mama Carmella's" Cafe)
Hours: by appointment
ph: 08 8373 5515 (International: +61 8 83735515)

With so much travel out the way, I trust we'll be back to more regular updates here... Watch out soon for fresh offers celebrating "officially" opening the Gallery (if you can't wait to get in first give me a call or email for a VIP PASS). Images from the Peru expedition will also be added, with a number marked towards the limited edition collection.
Most of all, with more sunshine here again, I look forward to meeting many more big grins on young legs as we photograph around the beaches, parks and homes of Adelaide. See you soon! -David.