Designer Gift Cards being given away with sessions

Complimentary Gift Cards
Custom designed gift cards are now available from Private Collections - with some going out the door for FREE!
We've created some gorgeous cards for use with images to give away to your friends and relatives this year, and we like them so much it would be great to see more people receive them. So... for all new sessions photographed before Christmas this year we are GIVING AWAY personalised, custom gift cards for you to share and enjoy. You can read the print advertisments here (from SA Life Magazine) and find out a little more, or contact us to discuss what we might create for you.
With Christmas "around the corner" (did I really say that?... well it IS only 10 weeks away...) I hope we can add a little extra smile and fun. Please remember to book early if possible... all good things do take some time - cards and portrait gifts all need to be individually designed, printed, checked, etc etc... (not to mention all the preparation work of planning your session, photographing and choosing...)
Of course gift cards can also be created for other special reasons, general holiday greetings, or just to be nice! ;-)
I look forward to photographing and creating more fresh images and designs as we get into this lovely Spring weather! See you soon!