Toe Fishing!

Pick of the Month Oct09 | Portrait by David Haddy
A new "Pic of the Month" - a delightful serene scene of two young children with their big brother along the riverbank. Together with their family we enjoyed the lovely surrounds of creek, park, an old stone bridge and cameo appearances of local ducks.
This local park is one of my favourites for the area. The serenity of the image really has a great "feel" to it - that extra quality that makes a picture into a lovely portrait with personality. Shooting across the creek does need a quick preplanning chat with our young (and older) stars with the image already in mind, as there's little you can do when a very active 18month old decides she's "done this now" and she's off for the next park attraction! It's the small moments of time amongst the bustle of young lives that is the challenge (and fun!) of photographing children and families.
Enjoy! -David.