Private Collections now on Facebook

social---facebook_32x32 Do you use Facebook?
We now have a page to catch up with Gallery news, whats on and promotions.

To kick start things off I'd love to add an image or two from the wonderful sessions we've had. It means they can be "tagged" and shared with all your friends/families this way as an added complimentary "gift" and thank you from us.

For this week only I've decided to "take requests" (gulp!) for the premiere additions to the site.
This means you can let me know (via email) if you had any particular fav's for me to consider as I go through images to show off your wonderful children and families… *

As requests come in I will review images (make sure they are suitable and show everyone off to their best… including us!) and progressively "roll them out" onto our facebook page.

After this 1st week I will take control back(!) (he he) as to images that are on display. But for THIS WEEK ONLY - go for it… let me know if there's any particular image(s) (not too many choices please!) from our last session with you and I'll post them to facebook where you can share them with whomever you like.

Have fun deciding!!

*PS Please also let me know if you do NOT wish ANY of the images we have taken to be used this way. At all future sessions we will confirm this is ok to do when we see you, and again before posting an image. -David

facebooklogo Click here to visit us on facebook - become a "fan" for more updates and new releases (There's some great things coming!)