Simply click

"How do you get such great shots?" Its a very generic question i know but often asked and hard to answer. I'll translate that question into "how can you make what it felt like  on the day come through in the photograph". Not just a big general grin or silly laughs but a whole story telling image representing something more, just from a "click".

I've also been "told" by wise and wonderful (often young) guests how great photoshop (gasp/cough...) makes it. Other than feeling the need to flatten the offender (behind a kind smile) for giving full credit to the mighty Adobe, I thought I'd put a few words together here about it.

As photographers we are so privileged to be invited into families lives and share some of their experiences. We're there to tell stories, capture moments and record what we see. But its more than that - its to capture the feeling wrapped up in those moments most of all.

How do you capture, and present, a feeling? Probably the hardest thing to teach.
It's empathy with others and being involved in the moment, not being just a casual observer. Its also craft and technical knowledge, composing the scene to tell the right story,  "seeing" light and where to be before ever raising the camera. Knowing way in advance of pressing the shutter how you'd like the final print to be seen. Being patient, enjoying people, being aware of the environment you're in at the time, then back to lighting - its always about where the light is (or isn't!).

Somehow capturing small glances, wild mayhem or quiet moments is then more than just a "snap". It does just "feel" right, but behind those split second clicks are years of constant learning, an almost unconscious knowledge of how the tools we use behave to capture that light, and continual enjoyment of inventing something new. Because after the click that moment is gone forever and something new is there again.

So know the craft of professional photography inside out, keep finding new ways to bend pixels, enjoy the next best thing or keep the old faithful ways, learn archival printing & collect all those "useful" gadgets, then argue the merits of each others lenses, cameras, backup everythings and plugins.

Then when you're actually there and feel the moment, "simply" click.