Spring in!

What a fantastic start to Spring - sunshine, fresh air and wonderful locations everywhere.
After a great shoot this morning along the beach I just had to add a word or two here to remind everyone THIS is one of the best times of the year for what we do.
The "tiny's" (6/7 months - 12months) can sit up or hold themselves up with wonder and concentration amongst the new flowers appearing, toddlers just revel in everything new just about everywhere (gorgeous along the edges of full creeks and long grasses), the active two's and ever inquisitive threes and fours are in their element in the parks exploring and on the open beaches with less people around than in summer, and the older ones find plenty to smile about after designing sessions specially with them to show off what THEY love to do.
Whether its a beautiful textured LightSketch® art piece, a fine-art black and white portrait or classic image collection - make a time to call in and talk about ideas to suit your family.
I'd love to capture that extra little sparkle that I'm sure you see in your children's eyes and smiles now the colder winter months are passing.
See you soon!