Christmas sessions

With Christmas just at the end of next week there are many "last minute" orders and art pieces being created for personal displays and gifts. With all work being individually art-worked and overseen it is always a "crazy busy" time. Don't forget the wonderful gift of a summer session as an idea for a special friend you know who would love some fine photography for their family. (hint: watch out for the special release being announced THIS WEEKEND  ;-)  )

I've been asked by quite a few if we're open over Christmas. Like many, I'm looking forward to enjoying more time with family and will be scaling back a little for a couple of weeks. However I AM still able to fit in a few sessions for those who have families here just over the holidays, including Thursday and Friday between Christmas and New Years Day. If you'd love something special to be created with the opportunity of having all your family here please enquire asap. There are just two sessions times left before New Years day (29th/30th) and a few the following week.

For all with children on or about to have holidays, enjoy the smiles, laughs and sometimes "mayhem" that goes with it!

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