Birthdays, birthdays everywhere...

It seems this time of year must be birthday season - I have so many in my diary to make sure I don't miss and know many clients celebrate around this time also. And celebrate you should! To avoid thinking too much of my OWN (also about now!) I'm introducing special Birthday Gift Certificates with over double their value to use towards a priceless gift - a full portrait session and images.
Know someone with a special day? A 50th, 21st, 18th, new teenager (create something special now while they still let you ;) ). All birthdays are eligible. The only limitation is to have the session within one month of the recipient's birthdate (after all this is to mark the milestone of their birthday).
Call and arrange your special gift now. I can even have it beautifully framed and wrapped, ready to give (absolutely no extra charge) :)
Happy Birthday!