I wrote not long ago about this wonderful time of year - the leaves were changing and Adelaide during Autumn is superb for creating memorable art images. Well now they're well and truly on the ground! Piles of pure fun for kids, gorgeous expressions and colour for photographers and the perfect images to hang and grin at for years....
I REALLY would love to hold as many sessions as I can fit in while we have this natural wonderland for children's portraits on our doorstep. There's probably another few weeks until they start being blown & swept away for another year. If youd love to capture this time in your families lives, strolling through parks, playing through leaves, laughing and up to mischief amongst them, call me now and reserve your time.
In fact, mention "Autumn Leaves" when you call and I'll give away a tidy bonus offer (my little bribe to use these last few weeks while we have them!)
See you soon!