The warmest smile you can give

Capture the sparkle in their eyes

and a smile on all who see them

School holidays are here, there's sun, fun and family time ahead. A chance to catch up with the rest of the family, parents and grandparents that the business of the rest of the year makes hard to do.

As a photographer I see more groups and families this time of year,  as well as the grandchildren of course for those always loved gift portraits. 

There's still time to fit in a few sessions and have work out for Christmas, and times available to get the whole tribe together this year if booked soon. Then there's also gift certificates that can be used for beautiful photography in the new year...

Save 30% until midnight Sunday

To reward those who order early, and help get your gifts all done and organised this year, I have specials each week leading up to Christmas week. The earlier you order or book, the more savings you receive.

In the online gift shop this week is a coupon code saving you 30% on sessions and gift certificates. Use for gifts to those close to you or something for yourself.

Next week, with two weeks to go, save 20, then 10 percent in the week before "crazy week" happens. (Don't leave it until then - enjoy it instead!)

To find your code and save, visit our online gift shop.

New Session Bookings over Christmas:

Please note bookings in advance are needed, with preference given to families travelling in from overseas and interstate. 
To help families getting together this year I have a few times available in Christmas week (Sunday 21/Monday 22nd/Tuesday23rd) and the following weekend/days (Sat 27/Sunday28/Monday29). 

Please call as soon as possible to arrange one of these times. "Private Commission" session packages only (see gift shop for details - make use of our discount codes to get best value).

Have some questions? Don't hesitate to call or email.  :-)

Wishing you all a great start to the holiday season!