Friends for life

Such a delight when a small hand holds yours and "helps" stepping over the big sticks, to walk over to a spot for her photos. Next it was her bear, and time to read together. Just a little bit of "Aaawwww..."

Sometimes I just smile with my camera up to my eye, framing a scene that I know is going to be gorgeous up large and proud in a lounge room soon. There were many, but this example just seemed to sum up the day - like two inseparable friends together forever...

If you're out with your young ones and looking to find spots for gallery style portraits choosing the right light starts first, and for younger children earlier morning works just fine - best for the mood in the images we create, and often best for the mood in them ;) Next always comes the "frame" - finding the canvas backdrop if you like, to place them in. Mix in some patience (OK, LOTS of patience at times) and gentle chats about this's and that's.... and we're heading in the right direction.

Soraya was a delightful young star of this session, bringing her parents along also of course for some other lovely artworks that I'm sure will be treasured far into her future.

And as for her bear.... well his story and adventures will be something to hear in years to come I'm sure :)

- David.