Mothers Day

Enjoy your Mothers Day

Enjoy your Mothers Day

Some memories are kept with us through the stories we tell and the images we make, others just can't be removed. Like sneaking into the kitchen, me and a small helper to put plates on a tray. Add some juice, toast (probably badly buttered), and a bent pre-loved piece of paper with a drawing lovingly scrawled across it and off to "surprise" mum. Though I'm sure the noise made by a 2 year old being quiet woke her long ago...

The only thing wrong with breakfast in bed are the crumbs. Sorry, but they scratch and you can never find them all until you're ready to go to sleep 16 hours later. There are a few exception days of the year though that it just really doesn't matter...

Happy Mothers Day

Thank you to all the wonderful families I get to work with year after year. I love catching up and watching your children grow. Some of you


those children once!

To celebrate and give a little thank you I put together a little video with favourites from many sessions during the last year. If you cant see it below you can access from my Facebook page or direct from



I hope you enjoy.

Best wishes to all - David

Happy Mothers Day

Enjoy this short collection of fav's from the past year... Dedicated to all the wonderful parents who's talents brought up such great families to work with!
Click play for a light walk along the beaches, parks, homes and gardens we've shared. (Higher resolution can be selected in the player if you have a fast connection)

Thank you! I hope all families have enjoyed a happy Mothers Day.  -David.