Launch into Spring with a 12 hour sale - TOMORROW ONLY

Spring is here and the Winter cold is about to leave...


Announcing a "Launch into Spring" 12 HOUR SALE
Grab your one and only chance to have a fun, full location designer session anytime this month at 75% OFF!

From 9am to 9pm tomorrow, Thursday 6th September, simply call the studio with who you'd love to have photographed (family, children, grandparents...) and book a session for September. If we're busy on the phone's make sure to leave your details so we can get back to you and ensure you receive 75% off.

It's that easy.

Have you been "thinking about" or "getting around to" having something special, to capture your children's "spark" and playfulness or have a treasured family group before they grow up and lead their own lives?

For once you CAN put off till tomorrow that decision, but only until tomorrow! ;) 

Looking forward to hearing from you...

Launch of "Generations" family sessions - what will your children have to remember?

This month I've launching something special and close to my heart. It includes something free, a bonus to give you more, and ends with receiving something invaluable!

There is a very brief story that drove this into being...
It started last weekend, which happened to be my parents 50th wedding anniversary. This is a magnificent milestone and we've had many friends and relatives coming from all over to celebrate with them. There's been plenty of food, drinks, laughter and stories, and to help tell these stories their treasured photographs. 
In our family there are photographic collections of places they have been, friends they have met and family times in the past. I'm sure your family has something similar. Amongst these are some of the most treasured: Of course their wedding album, "formal" portraits of us as babies and kids, past family relative's prints mounted to their old cards, and other recent portraits and images framed on the walls. 
All of this has reminded me how wonderful it is that my parents took the time to get these created in the first place. With the ever faster paced lives we lead, specially over the last few years, I've often heard "we'd love professional photos taken, just after we.... (insert many, many excuses of no time, while going out to coffee with friends...)".  ;)
Thankfully more of our friends and family moments are being captured now than ever before on our phones and devices. The great thing with all our digital toys is we can grab pictures everywhere. The downside is much is becoming "noise" - lots of on screen ("temporary") snaps, some mass printed paper prints and not many high quality, beautifully lit, crafted and printed images to pass on to future generations.
I'd like more of us to again have access to beautiful high quality printed images to hold, laugh at, remember from and share when it's our turn to hold a celebration such as my parents 50th anniversary. So this month I am launching "Generations" family sessions, and donating my session fees back to you plus a bonus to use towards purchase of any family portrait images you choose. 

"Generations" is about creating a family "story", and to include at least two generations in the family. (Parents and kids, grandparents and grandchildren...). How important and wonderful to look back at will these be in 10, 20 or 30 years time?
The sessions are fun, relaxed and planned with you to create images personalised to your style. They can be in your home or on location. Your final images, small or large, will be hand printed on highest quality fine-art papers, and crafted into artworks to suit your lifestyle, designed to last for yet another generation.
With a FREE session included and a BONUS 50% extra given to you, here's a great excuse to get it done
Create high quality, beautiful storytelling images of your family now, to share and enjoy way into the future. Portrait images, holding memories of the fun and love within families, are some of the very few things that become more valuable with age.
I hope you can make use of this to have something special made for you, or pass this on to other family and friends to consider. There's nothing more precious than family and our children. Capturing a piece of their history in a form they will treasure with their families is priceless.
To arrange a short session planning appointment and reserve a "generations"  family photo shoot please call the studio on (08) 8373 5515 now.