"more a work of art than a photograph"

 Private Collections is the studio of Adelaide photographer David Haddy, who has been creating beautiful images for personal collections for over 30 years.
With a range of unique art styles his hand printed portraits are collected by clients worldwide to decorate their homes and add to family collections. 

Enjoy a relaxed and friendly approach so that your children and family can enjoy the whole process of planning, shooting and creating images you can bring home and tell stories by. Styling options include David's LightSketch®, portraits transformed into art styles reminiscent of artist sketches and painterly exhibitions, and custom printed black & white photography handcrafted on fine art papers. 

Artwork for your home

Decorate your home and make it "you"...  Adding personal items and artwork helps turn a house into your home and designing the look that suits your home is always part of how we create your professional family portraits. Before even taking a "click" you're invited to call in, chat about styles, locations and a look to create for your work. Collections you'll love to display for friends and family, and your children will want to keep years into the future. 

Professional photography sessions for your family

Sessions for photographing children, family and individual portraits are held in homes and locations around Adelaide, South Australia, plus interstate and international destinations.

Request a call to discuss your style and find ways to make your images unique.

Guaranteed all the way

All photography is always backed up with a guarantee you'll absolutely love it! Finished portraits always get your seal of approval before they leave us to be displayed in your home. Should there ever be an issue with your portraits you're not happy about we'll happily fix it.  

To explore further please enjoy the website then make a time to meet in person at the Gallery in Unley (Adelaide, Australia), and find ideas and inspiration to help us create your perfect collection.


All photography by David Haddy


Portrait Sessions

Relaxed family portraits, delightful children's portraits, professional business portraits

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